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Scottish Widows Bank Refreshes Remortgage Range with Lowest Ever Rates

03 May 2017

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Scottish Widows Bank has revamped the rates on their Flexible remortgage products by reducing them to the same market-leading rates as their Professional remortgage range.  They have also introduced a new 50% LTV product range - all including their option to offset.

The new range includes both two and five year fixed products and 2 year trackers.

2 Year Fixed Rates - Remortgage Products

  • 2 Year Fixed rates available from 0-50% LTV at 1.19% with a £999 fee.

5 Year Fixed Rates – Remortgage Products

  • 5 Year Fixed rates available from 0-50% LTV at 1.75% with a £999 fee.

The above rates are available for borrowing up to and including £1m.

2 and 5 year fixed rate products are available for borrowing between £1-2m with a £1999 product fee and £2-5m with a £3998 product fee. Their 2 year fixed rates have been reduced by up to 0.30% starting at 1.45% and are available up to 80% LTV.

For more information, speak to your Business Development Manager or call their Intermediary Support Team on 0345 845 0110.

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