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Kent Reliance improve services

30 May 2017

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Kent Reliance has been extraordinarily busy recently and this has impacted the level of service they have provided to you and your customers.  They are really sorry this has happened, and wanted to make you aware as to what they have done so far to fix things and update you on their current service position.

Changes made:

  • They have doubled the size of their broker liaison team to support the high level of demand
  • They have simplified some of their internal processes to speed things up
  • They have significantly increased staff numbers in their underwriting team

Current service position: 

These changes have helped Kent Reliance to significantly reduce the backlog, as they are currently processing applications received from 22 May.

Kent Reliance team are continuing to work tirelessly to ensure they deliver the best level of service possible. They thank you for your patience and support throughout this time.

For more information, please check on  or contact your Business Development Manager.

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