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Offset - Putting Savings to Better use from Family BS

04 October 2017

Family BS

Offset Mortgages are a popular choice for those who have to put aside money for specific purposes but don’t need to use it straightaway. Family BS have helped several people recently with these mortgages: 

Derek and Rita: Retired couple who owned their own home but their daughter faced the uncertainty of renting privately.

Result: Ensured their daughter had a home as well as themselves by remortgaging their home using an Offset Mortgage and using the funds to purchase another property to rent to their daughter. 

Tom and Pamela: Wanted to make home improvements as well as boost their home's value.

Result: Used the Offset Mortgage instead of their savings to make improvements such as a new kitchen, new downstairs flooring and a new ensuite to their spare room. 

Rod and Susan: Retired couple in their 70s who needed to move closer to the town centre but their current lender was unable to give them a mortgage because of their age.

Result: They used their common sense underwriting approach to provide an Offset Mortgage which not only provided a mortgage where others wouldn’t lend, but also enabled them to put their existing savings to better use! 

Similar customers? Then get in touch as they may be able to help.

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