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Affordability that helps more of your customers than ever from Accord

14 September 2017


Back in June, Accord improved their affordability, and if you haven’t tried them since then, you might be surprised at what they’ve got to offer. This is the latest improvement that’s got brokers saying positive things about affordability. 

Accord can help more of your customers, especially those looking to borrow more than £500,000: 

  • They increased the LTI cap for loans greater than £500,000 from 4x to 5x .
  • The LTI cap is 5x income for household incomes of  £70,000 and over
  • The LTI cap is 4.49x income for household incomes less than £70,000

And don’t just take their word for it - find out what Mark Alexander from Mortgage Find had to say about Accord’s affordability. 

View the video or try the Affordability calculator for yourself.

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