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Why Should you use Legal & General Conveyancing?

21 September 2017

Legal & General Conveyancing gives your customers real choice.  We have two options:  

  • A company who gives you access to multiple law firms, where your customer can choose based on their own individual circumstances
  • A single relationship with a law firm adding the advantage that all the conveyancers work to the same set of standards and principles

There is a huge opportunity for you to help your customers throughout their mortgage journey by introducing them to either option and benefit from additional income to you. 

The remortgage market is on the increase and with it there are challenges for lenders.  These challenges have seen a shift in what they offer customers and the biggest change is the moving away from incentives such as ‘free legals’ and the increase in ‘cash backs’ for customers to finance their conveyancing requirements themselves.  Obviously cashbacks won’t fund all the costs so it is important for you to offer both a solution but also a solution that can save them money. 

The average high street law firm in the South East of the country can charge your customer over £2,000 for their services, whereas if your customer uses Legal & General Conveyancing, they would pay an average of £1,500.  This is just one reason why you should look at how your customers can benefit by you referring them.  They save money and get a great service, so register today and see how you can really help your customers. 

You will find further details on both options here.

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