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Flexible Mortgage Solutions from Masthaven

21 September 2017


Flexible Mortgage solutions from the bank that loves to challenge! 

Masthaven have designed their products for real life borrowers, not for the perfect credit scores, and they want to deliver you solutions that make a difference. In their third month of first charge lending they are delighted with the response they have received, and have detailed a few highlights from their product range below, which they hope will add value to you and your customers. 

Remortgage for a really broad range of purposes

First time Buyers - unlimited gifted deposit plus gifted equity considered by referral

Self-employed – straightforward or complex

  • Min 18 months trading
  • Projections considered subject to:- 2 years finalised accounts, 9 months into current year have elapsed, up to 20% increase on most recent years profit supported by accountant explanation.
  • Ltd Company, we can use salary and dividend or if >50% shareholder we can use share of recent years profit

 Contractors / short work history

  • Assess daily rate of income x 5 x 46 weeks
  • At least 3 months into contract (applies to a first time & experienced contractor)
  • Allow for gaps of 4 weeks in between contracts
  • No industry restrictions
  • Agency Workers/Zero Contracts/ Bank Nurses >12 months continuous

 Credit flexibility

  • We do not credit score
  • Ignore unsecured credit < status 3, < £300
  • Ignore CCJ’s/Defaults registered >36 months
  • Ignore CCJ’s/Defaults <£300 (regardless of when registered)
  • Ignore CCJ’s/Defaults incurred in months 24-36 which are now satisfied
  • Allow for up to 2 CCJ’s or Defaults registered within the last 2 years or 3 within the last 3 years

 Products (View Product Guide here)

  • Interest only and part and part up to 60% LTV for the interest only element
  • 2 Year fixed rates from 2.94%
  • 5 Year Fixed rates from 3.44%
  • 2 Year Discount Rate from 2.94%
  • Lifetime tracker rate from 3.34%

 To register with them click here.

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