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Giving you choice.

We have over 65 lenders for you to choose from - from big high street lenders to smaller regional lenders, offering not only mainstream but niche products to cater for all your lending needs.


Procuration fees

We give you some of the most competitive procuration fees around. Plus, we're the only Mortgage Club that pays on exchange of contracts, helping you control your cash flow.

Case quality

Make sure you visit our case quality page for tips and advice on what our lenders are looking for and how to submit your cases right first time.

Lender directory

See our lender directory where you can find out what makes our lenders differ, how to do business with them  and what products they offer.

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Registering with lenders.

You’ll need to register with lenders individually before you can submit business online. Find out how to register and add Legal & General Mortgage Club as one of your nominated payment routes.

Claim your procuration fee

Joining Legal & General Mortgage Club will provide you with an option of claiming your procuration fee early or on completion. Something no other mortgage Club offers you! 


If you are already a member click here to claim your procuration fee, alternatively find out how to join Legal & General Mortgage club here.