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more 2 life.

more 2 life

How to register with this lender as a new user:

Visit and click on ‘Register’. From here, follow the on-screen instructions to submit your adviser registration.

How to contact this lender:

Contact Amanda Day on 03454 150 150 or with any queries you may have.

All postal applications and supporting documentation should be sent to:

more 2  life Ltd
PO Box 1168

The more 2 life website is also able to provide support for advisers.

What makes us different

more 2 life is one of the largest providers of lifetime mortgages in the UK and we are passionate about providing innovative lending solutions to meet your clients’ needs. Whether they are healthy, unhealthy or looking to make monthly interest payments, we could have a solution for them.

Our product range offers a number of options to your clients:

Tailored Choice Plan

Our Tailored Choice Plan is an ideal solution for clients with medical conditions or lifestyle issues who are looking to release the maximum amount as either a lump sum or to have as a drawdown facility. We have the highest LTVs on the market and your client could qualify by answering ‘yes’ to just one of our 13 simple health and lifestyle questions. Even being overweight, smoking or having high blood pressure can mean your clients qualify for a much higher loan amount, and our simple underwriting process means that there is no need for a medical examination.

This plan also comes with a Guaranteed Inheritance Feature as standard, at no extra cost. This allows your client to protect a percentage of their property value as an inheritance.

Premier Choice Plan

This plan allows healthy clients to release a lump sum with a competitive interest rate as well as having the option of a drawdown facility. Your clients will also have a Guaranteed Inheritance Feature as standard at no extra cost to protect a percentage of their property value for their loved ones.

Interest Choice Plan

Our Interest Choice Plan is a flexible solution that allows clients to have a lifetime mortgage and make monthly interest payments. Clients can pay up to 100% of the monthly interest with a minimum of £25 per month. Your clients can choose to stop making interest payments at any time and convert to a standard roll-up lifetime mortgage at any time with no financial penalty.

This plan also comes with a drawdown facility.

This is intended for intermediaries only and has not been approved for customer use.

Contact More 2 life

03454 150 150

Or by email.

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