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Worklife Solutions.

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We understand the importance of a healthy workforce so we've developed Worklife Solutions - a range of information, advice and services to help employees deal with issues and events in their everyday life.

These benefits can:

  • help manage staff absenteeism;
  • motivate staff;
  • improve employee engagement;
  • reduce the impact of stress in the workplace; and
  • assist employees in every day matters

Whether your client is already insured by us or you’re thinking of insuring your client with us for the first time, you can show the enhanced benefits we offer to our policyholders and their employees.

Worklife Solutions tools include:

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
    Our EAP is available with all our group protection products. It's a positive, preventative programme of information, advice and services that help employees deal with events and issues in their everyday work and personal life.
  • Mental wellbeing
    Support for companies and individuals affected by mental illness and stress provided by Rethink Mental Illness, covering topics like stress management, and work and mental illness. Access to our Stress Toolkit that helps line managers to identify and act upon the signs of stress and mental health problems in the workplace.

Proud to promote Healthtalk.ORG

We’ve partnered up with, a charity that provides information and support for a range of health issues by sharing real life experiences, to help people understand what it’s really like to have a health condition. We believe this facility could provide invaluable support for employees as well as their family and colleagues, when faced with a potentially life changing condition. 

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