Ready. Steady. Go.

With staging dates fast approaching, you need a pension provider who's committed to making auto enrolment run smoothly. With over a million employees already enrolled, we've got the experience to make it easy for you.

Ready. Steady. Go.

Features and benefits of our WorkSave Pension Plan:

  • Straightforward set-up and ongoing administration fully connected to the payroll process
  • No set-up costs or ongoing charges for employers
  • No restrictions on number of employees or levels of contribution
  • Full compliance with auto enrolment regulations
  • Independent governance committee to ensure scheme quality and value for money
  • Member charges of 0.5% a year of their fund value (made up of an Annual Management Charge of 0.37% and a Fund Management Charge of 0.13% for our default fund)
  • Online member account management facility containing scheme information, video tutorials and retirement planning calculator
  • Full in-plan pensions freedom at retirement

For further details including our charges, please see our Terms of Business, Charges and Our Service Offering  .

PLUS... a range of letter templates and posters to help launch, promote and implement the pension plan in the workplace.

Key scheme documents

We provide a number of items to help members understand and get the most from their pension plan:

These items can also be found on the  WorkSave Pension Plan microsite  along with access to the online member account management facility and other tools and resources.