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Flexible and voluntary benefits.

Flexible and voluntary benefit arrangements help allow you to offer a range of benefits valued by your employees, which may also reflect your organisation’s culture. An arrangement could include group protection benefits alongside other benefits such as childcare vouchers and gym membership.

You or the trustees they’ve chosen  will always be the policyholder. You must decide:

  • which products you want to include in your flexible / voluntary benefit scheme
  • the minimum level of each benefit you wish to provide (we call this core  benefit)
  • the options an employee has for making changes to their benefits

Advantages of flexible and voluntary benefits

  • Employees choose how much they want of each benefit, within the rules of the scheme.
  • As they move through their ‘life cycle’ the reward package can evolve and remain relevant.
 Range You can offer a wide range of benefits to appeal to the diverse needs of your staff.
 Engagement Employees have a greater awareness of the benefit package you’re providing and its value.
  • National Insurance (NI) savings (for you and your employees), if salary sacrifice is used.
  • Helps you  control costs because:
    • the amount you  spend can effectively be 'ring fenced'.
    • less is spent on benefits employees don't want.
 Integration Very useful if you’re merging with another employer as it can be an easier way to integrate reward packages.


For more information, please see A guide to flexible and voluntary benefits (PDF: 258KB)  .

Our products pages help provide an overview of what we can cover and how we assess claims and the options available.

We also include access to a comprehensive range of support called Worklife Solutions brochure (PDF: 3034KB)   to help you maintain a healthy workforce.  Worklife Solutions provides a range of information, advice and services to help your employees deal with issues and events in their everyday life.

We'll continue to provide cover and pay any valid claims as long as premiums are paid and the policy terms are met. There are some circumstances where we won't provide cover. You can find out more in our technical guides.

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We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.

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Typical costs

Our Group Income Protection cover can cost 0.66% salary on average.

Group Life cover can cost 0.35% salary on average.
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