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Ongoing responsibilities.

Once you’ve successfully setup your workplace pension scheme and enrolled your employees, your automatic enrolment duties don’t stop there.

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) suggests you make the process ‘business as usual’, and part of your monthly payroll process by:

  • Paying regular contributions into the pension
  • Monitoring the age and earnings of employees, and new employees joining
  • Process any opt-in, joiners or opt-out requests
  • Keep and maintain accurate records
  • Re-enrol any previous opt-outs every three years

We’ll look at each of these ongoing responsibilities in more detail below. On an ongoing basis you’ll need to:

Pay regular contributions

Pay company contributions on behalf of your employees, as well as calculate, deduct and pay your employee’s contributions too.

Contribution rates and when to pay them will have been decided when you set your scheme up. The amount you pay must be at or above the minimum set by law.

More information about minimum contribution levels can be found on Make contributions.

Monitor employee ages and earnings

Monitor changes in age and earnings so you can identify when employees become eligible for automatic enrolment. The eligibility of any new employee should also be checked, so it’s a good idea to ensure your business software such as payroll systems are able to help with this.

More information on how to do this can be found on Assess your workforce.

Process opt-in requests and joiners

Some employees who aren’t eligible for auto enrolment still have the right to ‘opt in’ to your scheme and receive a contribution from you. Others who earn under a certain amount can request to join a scheme, but there is no requirement for you to pay an employer contribution (although you can if you choose to do so).

Process opt-out requests

‘Opting out’ is when an employee chooses to leave your pension scheme within a (calendar) month of being enrolled starting from whichever is the later:

  • the date active membership commenced, or
  • the date they received their enrolment letter

Any contributions made within this time will be refunded.

Employees can’t ‘opt out’ before the opt-out period starts or after it ends. If they decide to leave the scheme after the opt-out period has ended, they will instead be ‘ceasing active membership’.


It’s your responsibility to regularly review the active membership of your pension scheme. This includes automatically re-enrolling employees who have previously opted out, every three years. Employees who become eligible for automatic enrolment again after their active membership of the scheme ceased (for reasons other than their own request), must be immediately re-enrolled.

Keep and maintain accurate records

Keeping up-to-date records about your employees, for example who and when you’ve auto enrolled, is a must. Not only will it help organise your thought process, it will also help you keep track of contributions, opt-outs and when employees become eligible.

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