When you think of a futuristic home, a slick bubble-type property comes to mind, full of gadgets and gismos to make your everyday life easier. But, rather than looking at the sci-fi version of the homes of the future, we at Legal & General are determined to make a positive difference to people’s lives in the UK.

Part of our vision is planning, developing, changing lending needs and protecting the homes of the future – which is, in fact, already starting. The way we live in our homes is changing – intergenerational living, sandwich generations and children staying at home longer all have impacts on the running costs of a home, dependence on income, and the need for wider protection and contents requirements.

The connected home

The ‘connected home' is moving beyond the early adopters’ phase and becoming mainstream – from Bluetooth-activated locks to smart water leak detectors, and gadgets as cheap as £12 on Amazon, consumers are now questioning the impact of these devices on their home’s safety and security, and what this means for their home insurance policies.

Legal & General has a range of support, services and products that are useful to building societies and we believe our understanding of the future home and the people in it are something that building societies need to be aware of and be tuned into.

Legal & General at the BSA

Our team at the BSA will be able to talk through some of these challenges and how we’re helping building societies stay on top of this fast-paced world.