Like you, we think that quoting and managing general insurance (GI) should be quick, easy and hassle-free. And, we understand that sometimes you need to quote anytime, anywhere. So, we’ve invested in our technology and we’re delighted to have taken the first step in our digital transformation with the launch of our new online quote and apply system, GI Connect.

GI Connect is the long term replacement for GIology and offers you the ability to quickly and easily quote for our home and landlord’s insurance products from any laptop or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Lifestyle Cover will also be available in late Spring 2018.

Why use GI Connect?

Take a look at our short video for an overview of the features and benefits which will make it easier for you to manage your GI business with us.

GI Connect video

How can I access GI Connect?

If you are new to Legal & General and have requested a GI agency with us, you’ll automatically be registered on GI Connect and will receive an activation email from us.

If you already have a GI agency with us, we’ll be rolling GI Connect out to advisers over the coming weeks from 20th March 2018, so please look out for an activation email from us. GIology will continue to be available during the roll out period.

If you have any queries about accessing GI Connect, please get in touch with a member of our new dedicated intermediary team.

View - Access GI Connect 

If you experience any IT issues with GI Connect, please call our technical helpdesk on 0800 010 911.Please note this is for technical queries only. For any other queries, please contact a Legal & General GI Development Manager or our Servicing Team where relevant.

Calls may be recorded and monitored

Do I need any training to use GI Connect?

The short answer is no. GI Connect has been designed to be user-friendly. However, should you have any queries, we’ve developed a comprehensive bank of questions and answers to help support you.

We appreciate that you may be used to using GIology for selling our general insurance (GI) and understand that sometimes it’s easier to stick with what you know. However, we believe that our investment GI Connect provides you with a better solution for managing your GI business and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the features and benefits it offers.

GI Connect GIology
Web based system, no monthly updates to download. You must download and install to access.
Increased usability - GI Connect is optimised for mobile and tablet meaning you can access it while on the move and from any device. Not mobile enabled or compatible with mobile devices and some operating systems.
Flood Re acceptance rules are built into the system so you don’t have to call into us for a decision. All flood postcodes are referred into our service centre.
Use of more granular pricing data in GI Connect will result in a more competitive pricing position. GIology risks are rated on a broader postcode area.
Instant comparisons at price stage between our two home insurance products Home Insurance Choices and Simply Home Insurance. GIology does compare the products; however you have to click to alternate between the two.
Improved functionality including address look up and password reset tool. Need to call our service centre for any password related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve developed a comprehensive list of questions and answers to support you in using GI Connect.