Getting a quote

Will the quote journey highlight the differences between the two home insurance products, Simply Home Insurance and Home Insurance Choices?

Yes, key product highlights and differences between Choices and Simply are displayed side-by-side in a table on the quote results page.

Will GI Connect validate the risk address postcode on a home or landlord’s insurance quote?

Yes, the risk postcode will be validated against a Royal Mail postcode database, which is maintained by our pricing and underwriting team.

Will an indicative price be displayed and updated as I progress through the question set?

No. The final price will be displayed on the quote results page once you have completed all relevant responses in the question set.

Why has GI Connect only returned a quote for one of your home insurance products?

A price breakdown is displayed for the home insurance product for which the customer has met the underwriting criteria, and is not displayed for the product which was declined.

Why doesn’t GI Connect have a single ‘Quick Quote’ page in the same way as GIology?

The expected time to obtain initial quote is under two minutes on average, and adding or removing any add-on cover options on the quote results page will update the price dynamically on the same page.

Where can I find a link to documentation, such as the policy booklet and the insurance product information document?

There is a link to our key documentation from the GI Connect home page. However, you can view this documentation by visiting the document library documentation here.

What is the expected speed of the end to end quote journey, from question set to quote results page?

Under two minutes on average.

If my client wants to insure a new build property that does not yet have a valid UK postcode, can I still obtain a home insurance quote?

Yes, you may be able to obtain a home insurance quote  - answer ‘No’ to the GI Connect question asking whether you have a valid risk address postcode or not, and then phone our New Business Servicing team.

Can I set optional extra cover such as Accidental Damage etc. to always default as ‘selected’ on the quote results page?

No, GI Connect ensures that we comply with FCA guidance that there must be client consent to inclusion of add-on cover via positive opt-in, rather than selling an opt-out basis.

Can I opt to obtain a quote for either one of Simply Home Insurance and Home Insurance Choices only?

No. Quotes are always shown for both products if the question set responses meet the underwriting criteria for both products.

Can I obtain a Landlords quote when the start date for the insurance is not yet known?

Yes. The quote is valid for 180 days. When the start date is known, you can retrieve the quote and submit the application.

Can I obtain a home insurance quote when the start date for the insurance is not yet known e.g. exchange of contracts not yet complete on house move?

Yes. The quote is valid for 180 days. When the start date is known, you can retrieve the quote and update the start date in GI Connect.

I have quoted for multiple Landlord properties, one of the risks has been declined but I cannot proceed with the quote, what do I do?

If one of the risks is unacceptable you’ll see a decline message, you’ll need to remove this property from the quote in order to proceed.