Applying for a policy

Can I submit a home insurance application when the start date for the insurance is not yet known?

No. Quotes are valid for 180 days, therefore you can only submit the home insurance application when the start date is known. You should update the start date in GI Connect once known.

Will GI Connect show me quotes which are not yet submitted and have a start date outstanding?

Yes, your stored quotes without policy start dates are highlighted on the homepage, along with quotes about to expire.

When the start date of the policy is not yet known, can I still print a Mortgage Interest letter even though I can’t submit the application, i.e. to prove cover can be given prior to policy purchase?

Yes. You can obtain a quote in GI Connect when the start date isn’t yet known and proceed to the confirmation page, where you can print the mortgage interest letter. As quotes are guaranteed for 180 days(based on the details being correct and that they do not change) allows sufficient time to cover the period of the house move.