Commisions, Underwriting and Service

Will there be an impact to the method or frequency of commission payments when running in parallel with GIology and GI Connect systems?

GI Connect will benefit from the existing agency structures meaning that all methods of commission payment and frequency will remain as is.

Are any new underwriting rules being applied to the products with the change in system?

No, except the passing of flood risks to Flood Re for our home insurance products and the greater postcode granularity on flood, subsidence and security area decisions.

Will GI Connect allow mid-term adjustments (MTAs)?

GI Connect is the front end quote and apply point of sale tool for new business only. MTAs can be actioned by us by calling our team.

Is information about my client’s policy renewal available in GI Connect?

No, GI Connect is the front end quote and apply point of sale tool for new business only.

How long will an internet session last before it times out and I lose my clients details?

For security purposes, GI Connect times out after 15 minutes.

Can I retrieve historic quote output post sale?

Yes, all documentation other than your Demands & Needs letter can be retrieved using via our ‘Client Search’ functionality. You can use your client’s correspondence address to search.

Why am I unable to retrieve my client’s Demands and Needs letter?

This is a document you must save at the point of production as it is produced by you rather than us.

If GI Connect declines to quote due to flood risk, is it worth calling your New Business Servicing Team in Birmingham seeking a telephone quote?

You’ll no longer need to phone in for this reason because passing of these risks to Flood Re is now built into our home insurance quote engine. However for flood declines for Landlord’s Insurance, please call our New Business Servicing Team - 0370 900 8829. Opening hours: 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.

We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.