Pipeline management

Is there a client search facility?

Yes, on the GI Connect homepage.

Can I delete an expiring quote if no longer proceeding with it?

No, however expiring quotes will automatically be removed from the homepage according to the rules explained in the next question.

When do quotes drop out of the Expiring Quotes section on the homepage?

A quote drops out of the Expiring Quotes section the day after the policy start date entered on the quote is reached for example, if the start date was 11 April and today is 12 April, the quote drops out from this list today.

If you entered an unknown start date in your quote, it will drop out of the Expiring Quotes list 180 days from the date you obtained the quote.

Naturally, an expiring quote will also drop out of this view if the quote is purchased and submitted as an application.

How many days prior to the quote expiry date will a quote start to appear on the homepage, under the “Expiring Quotes” section?

14 days before quote expiry.

How many days are quotes shown in the Recent Quotes section of the homepage?

For 30 days after quote date.

Will the MI from the GI Connect homepage include GIology quotes and applications as well?

You can continue to view GIology stored quotes and applications using GIology client management functions. Only quotes and applications processed in GI Connect are included in the GI Connect MI.