SmartQuote just got smarter - new for 2020

Launched in 2019, our industry leading SmartQuote tool has been rewriting the rules of Home Insurance for intermediaries and their clients for over a year.

Using what we already know about your customer’s local area and property from publicly available data sources, SmartQuote gets rid of the need for complex questions, allowing you to provide your customers with a quote in just five questions. A better service for your customer, more sales for you.

This makes it far quicker than the process you’re used to and reduces the non-disclosure risk, giving you greater peace of mind.

We’ve been listening to feedback from SmartQuote users and we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve made some changes and taken even more clicks out of our Home Insurance journey.

Faster: Reducing the number of screens you need to click through to get a Home Insurance quote. Streamlining the quote and buy process even further and improve the look and feel of the site.

Easier: We’ve changed some of the language used in the journey from ‘you’ to ‘your client’ to avoid any confusion about information we need. For example, where we ask for an email address.

Smarter: We’re introducing a new ‘application’ phase to the journey for cases where your client has agreed to go ahead with the policy but doesn’t yet know their mortgage completion date. Allowing you to capture all the remaining information you need, such as bank details before saving the quote again prior to submission you’ll no longer need to contact your client again at the point of activating the quote.

We’ve also moved the position of where we ask for a policy start date meaning that you’ll no longer need to enter a start date simply to get a quote. We’ll now ask you to confirm the date you’d like the policy to go on cover when you’re ready to submit the case instead.

Say Hello to an even smarter SmartQuote

What’s great about SmartQuote is that it’s really easy to use and allows you to give your customer a quote for great cover quickly, enhancing the interaction with them.

Check out how just how quick it is in our new video.

SmartQuote just got smarter video

Don’t take our word for it

Listen to Rob Brookes, a mortgage adviser from MAB, describe just how game changing SmartQuote for intermediaries is and how much easier it makes selling Home Insurance.

Smartquote for Intermediaries - Rob Brookes video

SmartQuote for intermediaries is really re-writing the rules for selling home insurance. By combining speed and ease with providing a guaranteed quote (based on your customer agreeing to our usual assumptions), it’s there to help you sell Home Insurance more simply.