Smart for you and your customers

Get a Buildings and Contents quote in as little as one question as long as you know your customer*.

Our game changing SmartQuote tool means you can give your customer a Home Insurance quote in minutes. It works by combining over 400 data points from various public sources, to generate a quote so you don’t have to ask the endless questions, such as what door locks do you have?

This makes it far quicker than the process you’re used to and reduces the non-disclosure risk, giving you peace of mind that neither you nor your customer could provide incorrect information.

*Their name, date of birth and address.

Don’t take our word for it

Listen to Rob Brookes, a mortgage adviser from MAB, describe just how game changing SmartQuote for intermediaries is and how much easier it makes selling Home Insurance.

Smartquote for Intermediaries - Rob Brookes video

SmartQuote for intermediaries is really re-writing the rules for selling home insurance. By combining speed and ease with providing a guaranteed quote (based on your customer agreeing to our usual assumptions), it’s there to help you sell Home Insurance more simply.

How it works

What’s great about SmartQuote is that it’s really easy to use and allows you to give your customer a quote for great cover quickly, enhancing the interaction with them.

Check out how just how quick it is in this video. 

SmartQuote for Intermediaries video