Does Home Insurance cover mobile phones?

The answer depends on your customer’s chosen policy and what the policy covers.

Just like other possessions, mobile phones are covered when a customer buys our Contents Insurance - however, this means it’s only protected whilst inside the home, under the Contents section of a policy.

If your customer wants to protect their mobile phone whilst out and about, you’ll need to add Personal Possessions Cover to their Home Insurance or Home Insurance Plus policy and opt for ‘Cover Away from the Home’. If this add-on is chosen, the most your customer can claim for each item they carry – including mobile phones – is £5,000, or the selected sum insured, whichever is lower.

Our Contents Insurance policy also protects customers with up to £10,000 cover for business equipment within the home, including work mobile phones, as long as they're legally responsible for it. With our Home Insurance Plus policy, they’ll also be covered for accidental damage to their mobile phone as standard and this can be added to our Home Insurance policy for an additional premium. Limitations and exclusions apply.

Please note for Home Insurance Choices, Mobile phones are excluded from the business equipment peril, customers will need to add Personal Possessions or extended Accidental Damage cover, if they require cover for portable items.

Are there any exclusions to mobile phone cover?

Your customer won’t be covered for any loss or damage resulting from the erasure, distortion, mislaying or misfiling of software, photos, videos or documents stored on the device.

Nor will they be covered for mobile phone call costs, or direct loss or damage resulting from electronic failure or viruses. As with other personal possessions, they won’t be covered for existing damage that happened before their policy started, nor any loss or damage resulting from their own deliberate acts.

For more information, please refer to the Home Insurance and Home Insurance Plus policy booklet.