What is Family Legal Protection?

Our Family Legal Protection gives your customers up to £50,000 cover for certain legal issues.

Our Home Insurance Plus policy includes it as standard and it can be added to our Home Insurance policy for an additional premium.

A summary of what’s covered

Listed below are some areas in which Family Legal Protection could assist your customers with costs and expenses. Please remember Family Legal Protection is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of this cover.

Family Legal Protection will consider costs and expenses directly caused by the following:

  • your customer’s death or personal injury
  • your customer buying or hiring goods or services for their own private use
  • the pursuit of legal action following an event that causes, or could cause, physical damage to your customer’s home
  • an issue with your customer’s contract of employment.

The costs of defending legal action directly caused by the following:

  • the private sale of goods by your customer to someone
  • a motoring prosecution incurred by your customer

Family Legal Protection will also consider costs and expenses relating to a comprehensive examination of all areas of your customer’s self-assessment tax return.

A summary of what's not covered

There's a number of exclusions to this cover. For example, it doesn’t cover legal proceedings arising from the ownership or occupation of your customer’s home in the first 180 days of their policy. Nor does it provide cover for a breach of your customer’s employment contract in the first 90 days of their policy.

If, in the case of your customer’s death or personal injury, the legal action arises as a result of an accident involving a motor vehicle they were driving, we won’t pay.

In the case of defending a motoring prosecution - If your customer was driving a motor vehicle without a valid licence and/or insurance, we won't pay.

There are also legal events that aren't covered at all including divorce, dissolution of registered civil partnerships and matrimonial matters, and claims for clinical negligence.

In addition, the pursuit of legal action may rely on the claim’s prospects for success.

Full details of the cover and all the limitations and exclusions can be found in the Home Insurance and Home Insurance Plus policy booklet.

This information is intended for professional insurance intermediaries only and should not be relied upon by private individuals or any other persons.