Bonfire night and Autumn Tips - keeping you safe and warm

Autumn is full of festivities and celebrations to enjoy with family and with events such as Bonfire Night around the corner - here's how your customers can stay warm in the home at this time of the year and safe whilst using fireworks.

Celebrations and Bonfire Night

We know that things this year will be a little different, with public displays and family firework gatherings not likely, some may opt to have their own display at home, but there are some other ways you can celebrate - with virtual events (no standing outside in the cold!).

But if you do still go ahead with your own celebration, enjoy the ooh's and ahhhs of seeing the night sky lit up with some impressive colours, but in a safe and warm way.

Unfortunately, Fireworks are the cause of around 70 fires to homes and buildings in England - so here's how you can enjoy the celebrations safely.

Never go back to a lit firework - even if it hasn't gone off it could still explode.

  • Store fireworks in a closed box and take them out one at a time.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby.
  • Follow the instructions on each firework. Use a torch to read them – never a naked flame.
  • Don’t drink alcohol if you’re setting off fireworks.
  • Light fireworks at arm’s length, using the taper provided.
  • Never throw fireworks or put them in your pocket.
  • Make sure everyone stands well back.
  • Always supervise children around fireworks and never give sparklers to children under five.
  • Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves.
  • Keep pets indoors.
  • Take care around open flames such as bonfires and barbecues – even clothes labelled ‘low flammability’ can catch fire.
  • Keep bonfires away from things that may catch fire.
  • Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114 (the British Standard for the safety of fireworks) or the CE marking (showing they conform to European safety standards).

Remember to check and follow the Firework code, any safety instructions and any local and national guidance during this time.

Heating areas of your home

Autumn sees the nights starting to draw in(goodbye summer!) and the cold weather starts making a bigger appearance - saying hello to the wind, rain and possibly snow is not always a fun thing for everyone, but this time of year you can look forward to wrapping up warm and cosy in those jumpers, scarves, fluffy socks and boots.

We know how important it is to keep warm once the weather turns a bit chillier, so here's how to stay safe when heating your home.

Around 65 fires a year are cause by faulty electric blankets and two fires a day are caused by heaters.

Open Fires

  • Be careful when using open fires to keep warm.
  • Make sure you always use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks from hot embers.
  • Make sure embers are under control and properly put out before you go to bed.
  • Keep chimneys and flues clean and well maintained.

Portable Heaters

Keep heaters away from curtains and furniture and never use them for drying clothes.

  • Try to secure heaters against a wall to stop them falling over.
  • Always unplug electric heaters when you go out or go to bed.
  • Only use gas or paraffin heaters in well-ventilated areas. Heaters consume oxygen so you could suffocate if a room is not properly aired.

Keeping Warm

Never use hot water bottle in the same bed as an electric blanket, even if the blanket is switched off.

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Unplug blankets before you get into bed, unless they have a thermostat control for safe, all-night use.
  • Test electric blankets every 3 years. Age UK or your local fire and rescue service may be able to do this for you.
  • Try not to buy second-hand blankets and check regularly for wear and tear. Replace your blanket when it's more than 10 years old.
  • Store electric blankets flat, rolled up or loosely folded to prevent damaging the internal wiring.

Always be cautious when undertaking any task that you're not fully familiar with as you could injure yourself or those around you, seek professional help where required.