SmartQuote just got smarter

Here’s everything you need to know...

Launched in 2019, our industry-leading SmartQuote tool has been rewriting the rules of Home Insurance for intermediaries and their clients for over a year.

Before SmartQuote, getting a quote for your client could be a fairly long process, with advisers prompted to ask their clients questions on everything from what year the property was built, to what kind of locks they had - details many of us don’t often have to hand. Add in lengthy mortgage and protection discussions and its easy to understand why frustrated mortgage clients may not have wanted to go ahead with securing a Home Insurance quote during their appointment.

With SmartQuote, your customer has just five simple questions to answer before we can provide a quote - name, address, date of birth, cover type and whether they’ve had any claims in the last five years. Many of the questions you might once have asked, we already have answers to, by using publicly-available third-party data sources. SmartQuote uses what we already know about the local area and individual properties to help us shape a well-informed quote in just a few minutes. This makes things infinitely easier for your client, which could result in more sales for you.

New for 2020

We’ve been listening to feedback from advisers to ensure we can continue to deliver you and your clients with a fast, simple and innovative service they expect in a digital-first world. Our aim is to provide guaranteed quotes (assuming your customers can agree to our assumptions) in as few clicks as possible. New for September 2020, we’ve made some changes to help make the process even more seamless:


We’ve reduced the number of screens you need to click through to get a SmartQuote and this is the most important step in terms of improving the overall experience of using SmartQuote.

We’ve grouped the following information together on single screens: address, cover type, personal details, email address and previous claims for pre-quote and contact preference, correspondence address and additional policyholder for post-quote. Reducing the number of screens has allowed us to create a quicker quote and buy process and improve the look and feel of the journey.


To make the sales process even clearer for you, we’ve changed some of the language used in the journey from ‘you’ to ‘your client’ to avoid any confusion about information we need. For example, where we ask for an email address.


You’ll still be able to save the quotations in the same way as you can currently. However, we’re also introducing a new ‘application’ phase to the journey for cases where your client has agreed to go ahead with the policy but doesn’t yet know their mortgage completion date. This allows you to capture all the remaining information you need, such as correspondence address, contact preferences and bank details before saving the quote again prior to submission.

This means that there’s no longer any need to contact the customer again at the point of activating the quote. Plus, if you’re not around to activate the quote yourself, your colleagues or administration team can contact us via email/telephone and we’ll be able to locate the case and place it on cover for them.

We’ve also moved the position of where we ask for a policy start date meaning that you’ll no longer need to enter a start date simply to get a quote. We’ll now ask you to confirm the date you’d like to policy to go on cover when you’re ready to submit the case instead.

To checkout our new demo please visit our SmartQuote hub or talk to your Account Manager.