Helping University Students Keep Personal Possessions Safe

Back to school – it can be a challenging period for any student at the best of times. With an invisible pandemic on our hands, simple activities like attending a lecture, seminar or society meeting each come with their own risk.

With the right precautions in place, students can soon hope to return to the ‘new normal’ not only safe and healthy, but with a renewed focus and change of perspective.

To make that journey easier, we explore how Advisers can educate and inform young adults on the benefits of insurance – particularly when it comes to personal belongings – and how it can support them on their journey through these uncertain times.

Home is where the heart is

Whether first-year or final, leaving home to study, can be both a daunting and exciting experience – for students and their parents. While recent events may have postponed this departure for some, many will have already bid their families farewell as they start (or return to) university.

With safety front of mind, it’s worth having the conversation with families who wish to ensure their younger members’ belongings stay safe while studying away from home.

Whether student halls or shared accommodation elsewhere, a ‘home from home’ environment can be further safeguarded with the right cover in place. Contents Insurance can help ensure back-to-school possessions stay protected throughout a student’s time at university, so they can focus on what really matters. High-price items such as laptops, appliances or a musical instrument can prove priceless to a student’s course and are often not easily replaced – especially given the current circumstances.

Flexible cover for busy bees

While the majority of students may think they have nothing to lose, the opportunity to protect everyday items may not be obvious at first – particularly to those leaving home to study, for the first time. What’s more, a busy schedule can often mean precautions like insurance fall by the wayside.

For Advisers, having the conversation with parents can raise awareness around the benefits of Contents Insurance and how it also may benefit their children. With the ‘bank of mum and dad’ not always available (if at all), a young person’s possessions are always worth protecting – and you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

The finer details

While attending full time education, our Contents Insurance may cover those items temporarily removed from a student’s home, with the intention of returning them at a later stage; this covers loss or damage to contents in any building in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. We pay up to £5,000 in total and up to £1,000 for a single article, pair or set, further limitations and exclusions may apply.

Students should check whether their valuables are already covered as part of their existing residential fees. For students living off campus (and for those where this cover isn’t included), Advisers should encourage their clients to read the small print to ensure their children's belongings are covered by their Contents Insurance policy. It’s also worth considering the total value of the items they wish to safeguard so as to ensure the right level of cover – which could well be more than they first realise – even for items of seemingly little value.

Tips for staying safe

While we can’t predict how long this pandemic will last, we can take steps to protect both our health and mental wellbeing as best we can. This helps to provide that all-important peace of mind through uncertain times and at university, this includes the protection of personal belongings. Keeping valuables out of harm’s way means Contents Insurance will only ever remain a financial safety net, plus sentimental items are not always possible to replace.

For electricals like smartphones, tablets and laptops, password encryption can help to ensure personal data isn't compromised should such items fall into the wrong hands. If laptops or cameras are transported in a bag, a small yet sturdy padlock keeps items secure (and is less of a temptation for would-be thieves).

Other precautions such as keeping windows shut and not allowing unknown individuals into the building will reduce the chances of theft. For items of costly or sentimental value – while they're nice to have as a reminder – are sometimes better kept safe at the family home.


Our range of cover is not only designed to safeguard policy-holders should the worst happen, but to also offer reassurance. Find out more about our home insurance products.