Spring Home Security Tips

The clocks have gone forward and the warmer weather is finally on its way, find out how your customers can help keep their homes and gardens secure this Spring.

Home security

It may not always be top of people’s priority list, but at this time of year it’s important that your customers are vigilant. With the lighter evenings now here, power tools for home renovations, bikes and garden furniture may be more visible to passing thieves. It’s a good time to make sure your customers check their home and garden security.

Here are some useful tips you can share with your customers:

In the home

  • Consider making homes smart by installing an alarm system or security cameras, which could provide peace of mind whether they're in or away from the home.
  • Doors are usually the first point of entry or exit for burglars, so it’s important to secure them effectively - customers may wish to add door chains and spyholes.
  • Windows are often used to gain entry or exit to properties after a burglary, therefore properties with windows left open can be a target, so check all the locks fitted to accessible windows are in working order.
  • Make sure any personal possessions such as handbags, mobile phones, wallets and keys are out of sight and avoid leaving these near windows.
  • Customers could consider using UV pen lights and stickers to mark their personal belongings.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked when customers leave their homes, even if its just for a few minutes

In the garden

  • Make sure sheds, summerhouses and any other outbuildings are secure.
  • Get the garden back into shape by cutting back any overhanging trees, so the entrance to the house isn't obscured and burglars cant hide. 
  • If you have new garden plants, remove the labels and cultivate or water the whole area so that new planting doesn't stand out.
  • Secure any garden equipment such as, tools and children’s toys or sports equipment like golf clubs or bikes in a locked shed or garage.
  • It's also important to secure gates and fences to make entry more difficult for burglars
  • Fit security lighting with sensors.

Remind your customers that they should always be cautious when undertaking any DIY task that they are not fully familiar with, as they could injure themselves or those around them. They should seek professional help where needed.

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