What is an act of god?

In broad terms, an act of God can be defined as a disastrous natural event outside human control, such as some floods, an earthquake, hurricane or volcanic eruption. It’s sometimes used by insurance companies to describe natural events that can’t be predicted and therefore prevented by reasonable means.

Does Home Insurance cover against an Act of God?

Insurance companies base their rates on perceived risk, where they can estimate the risk of an event like a fire, burst pipe or structural failure to the home fairly accurately, because these events are common enough to provide a solid basis for their calculations.

Home Insurance policies will cover against damage from the likes of lightning and earthquake as standard, though it’s always a good idea to encourage your client to check their policy thoroughly that this is the case and get clarification from the insurance company if necessary.

Encourage your client do their own research into any potential threats specific to their local area. Whilst earthquakes are unlikely to be a problem within the UK, damage from freak floods is becoming more common. So, if the home is on a floodplain, it’s wise to check whether flooding is covered by the insurance policy.

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