Additional cover options

More cover for your customer, better business for you

What could be better than extended cover for your customers? With our Home Insurance policy, you're well equipped to meet your customers’ needs but you can bring more value to your customer relationships whilst increasing your commission with our additional cover options below.

1) Personal Possessions cover

Understanding exactly what is and isn't covered under their standard home insurance may be confusing for a customer. For example, if your customer damaged their laptop or lost their iPhone whilst on their way to work, would they be covered under their standard home insurance? They may think they are, but the reality is they would only be covered if they have Personal Possessions cover in place.

What's covered?

If your customer has insured their contents with us, they can choose additional cover for valuables in and away from the home, anywhere in the world. It also lets your customers choose the type and value of possessions they want to insure, including:

  • Unspecified cover away from the home: we'll cover clothing, personal belongings and valuables that they normally wear or carry - items such as their laptop or mobile phone, watches and glasses. We'll automatically cover up to £500 for money such as currency, traveller's cheques and gift tokens.
  • Valuable items cover: we'll cover loss or damage to specified single articles, pairs or sets. This could be items such as engagement rings or designer watches. If your customer has an individual article, pair or set valued at more than £5,000 they will need to be specified with us.
  • Bicycles: covers loss or damage up to £500 per bicycle (minimum sum insured £250) and we may insure bicycles worth more than £500 if the make, model and frame number are provided.

2) Accidental Damage Cover

Your customers can extend both their buildings and contents insurance to protect against every day accidents, like driving a nail through a pipe or spilling a glass of red wine on the carpet.

3) Family Legal Protection

Family Legal Protection covers the cost of pursuing or defending certain legal proceedings in the UK up to £50,000.

Important information

Please note that Home Insurance is designed to cover certain unforeseen events and doesn't cover everything. It does not cover things like general wear and tear or damage that happens gradually over a period of time. There is also an excess on each claim.

Limitations and exclusions apply. For details of what is and isn't covered, please read PDF file: Home Insurance (SmartQuote) - Policy Booklet (QGI15002) PDF size: 258KB  , PDF file: Home Insurance (SmartQuote) - Limit Comparison Table (QGI15031) PDF size: 67KB  and PDF file: Home Insurance (SmartQuote) - Insurance Product Information Document (QGI14999) PDF size: 131KB