Lifestyle Cover FAQs

We're now withdrawing from the Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) market and we've created some FAQs to answer queries.

Why are you withdrawing from the Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) market?

We’ve recently undertaken a full-scale review of our ASU products (Lifestyle cover and MPPI).  As a result of this review we’ve made the difficult decision to exit the ASU marketplace for new business and renewals of existing business.  

How long will a Lifestyle quote be valid for?

All Lifestyle Cover quotes in respect of new business will only be valid until 31st July 2021. All quotes will reduce from a 60 day validity period from the 1st June onwards, until all have expired at the end of July. No new quotes may be provided after 17th July 2021.

What happens to my Lifestyle quote after 17th July 2021?

New quotes will not be available after the 17th July, but you’ll still be able to put any quotes issued before this date into force, up until the 31st July 2021.

Will the premiums change during the quote validity period?

Premiums will not change during the quote validity period; they’ll only change if you make an amendment to the cover required or if any risk details are amended

Will my commission remain the same?

AmTrust will continue to pay you the same rate of commission on a non-indemnity basis for all your existing customer policies, unless a policyholder opts out of receiving a replacement policy from AmTrust Europe Limited. Commission payments will change from the current annual indemnity to monthly payment. 

Fairmead Insurance Limited will continue to pay you commission in line with our current arrangements with you, for all existing customer policies underwritten by us, until the point at which they are cancelled or no longer underwritten by us.

Where do we order additional customer literature from, i.e. Policy booklet?

From the 31st July you’ll no longer be able to order any documents related to these products from Fairmead Insurance Limited.

How will my customer receive their policy documents?

Your customer will still receive their policy documents as part of the new business and mid-term alteration process within Fairmead Insurance Limited. As the business migrates over to AmTrust and Wessex, they will communicate new details to your customer at the next renewal.

Will my customer’s Terms and Conditions remain the same?

There will be no material changes from a customer coverage view, but there will be some minor changes to the back to work assistance scheme, which will be communicated by AmTrust at renewal point.

Who will I receive new Terms of Business from?

As part of the migration to AmTrust Europe Limited, the intention is for AmTrust Europe Limited or its administrative partner, Wessex, to contact you with a proposal to enter into new Terms of Business.

What if I do not wish to enter into new Term of Business with AmTrust Europe Limited?

Please notify us in writing to the address below no later than 24th May 2021 if you do not wish to enter into new Terms of Business:

However, please be aware that Terms of Business must be in place in order to pay commission on insurance policies. Therefore, if you do NOT wish to accept new terms from AmTrust Europe Limited, commission payments cannot be made once the policies have transferred.

When will I receive details of how to issue new quotes for my customers after 17th July 2021?

This information will be communicated by Wessex nearer the time.

Will my customer still pay 0% interest for monthly payments?

Yes, there will be no changes to the direct debit or the cost of administration.

Who shall I contact should I have a query at Fairmead Insurance Limited?

If you’re part of a Network, please contact your network helpdesk or your General Insurance Key Account Manager. If you’re Directly Authorised please contact your Telephone Account Manager. For further contact details please visit our team information page.

How do I find out more information about the Wessex?

Please visit to find out more information.