Where do we order additional customer literature, i.e. policy booklets?

You can order and view additional literature by using our online ordering system.

I’m using SmartQuote and the postcode isn’t quoting for my customer, what should I do?

Using GI Connect you can still try to obtain a quote for your customer for our Home Insurance Choices product using the full question set. If you are still unable to quote on our Home Insurance Choices product then please call our Partnership Sales Team on 0370 900 8829.

Can I put a policy live without a start date?

No. A start date is required to activate a policy.


Can I get access to my customer’s renewal details?

Yes, you can do this by contacting our Partnership Sales Team via email newbus.gi@landg.com or for urgent queries you can call them on 0370 900 8829.

Are you still offering unemployment cover under your Lifestyle product?

Due to the current market conditions, we’re unable to provide unemployment cover at this moment in time. Accident and Sickness is still available under our normal terms and conditions. Find out more

My customer has pre-existing conditions, are they still eligible for Accident & Sickness cover ?

Yes, there is no medical underwriting on our Lifestyle policy so they would be eligible for a policy. However any pre-existing conditions that have occurred 12 months prior to taking out the policy are excluded in the first year of insurance (please see our policy booklet for the definition of pre-existing conditions).

What is the maximum benefit available under your Lifestyle Cover policy?

The maximum monthly benefit is 65% of your client’s gross income or £3,000, whichever is lowest.

What are the timescales for my customer to receive their documentation?

If your customer has opted to receive their documents in the post, their pack will be processed within 48 hours and should arrive within 3-5 working days. If your customer has opted to receive their documents electronically, they will be processed and uploaded to My Insurance within 48 hours.

Is there an interest charge for my customer if they pay by monthly Direct Debit?

No, there is no interest charge for paying by Direct Debit.

Do you accept card payments?

We only accept payments via annual and monthly Direct Debits.

What documents can I retrieve on GI Connect?

You can obtain the following documentation:

Personal Illustration, Mortgage Lender Quotation Letter, Insurance Product Information Document (IPID), Policy Booklet, Demands & Needs / Personal Recommendation  (Available after sale), Application Approval (Available after sale) and Application Detail (Available after sale)

Can I retrieve documents once I have a submitted case using GI Connect?

Most documents on GI Connect aren’t available post sale. If you have issues with accessing any sales documentation please email our Telephone Account Manager team at ifasupport.gi@landg.com

When will I receive my commission?

For any commission enquiries please email our Agency Accounts team at agency.enquiries@landg.com

I have forgotten my password on GI Connect?

There is a reset password link on the GI Connect logon page. If you don’t receive the reset link, please email our Telephone Account Manager team at ifasupport.gi@landg.com

How do I register for GI Connect?

Please email our Telephone Account Manager team at ifasupport.gi@landg.com

How do I set up a new GI agency with you?

If you are part of a network please contact them directly. If you are a Directly Authorised firm please complete our online application.