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Access levels

To view information and use online services relating to your agency number, you’ll need standard access to Adviser Centre.

If you're a member of support staff within the firm, a super user level of access may be more appropriate. This allows you to view both yours and your firm's information, and to subscribe to certain online services on behalf of your firm.

There are further access levels for other services. Please call our Registrations team on 0370 050 0274, option 2.

Setting up

To set up your access levels, you'll need to complete an online registration form using the button on this page.

If you have a UNIPASS certificate, this can be associated to your access for the website at the time of registration. 

If you have access to Adviser Centre already, you can associate your UNIPASS certificate using our online process . This will take you through a short process to make sure that we recognise your certificate.

During the registration process you'll need to provide the name and email address of an approver at your firm. This person will receive an email regarding your requested access level and they'll either accept or decline your request. If accepted, our Registration Team will activate your account and send you your username. 

If you used your UNIPASS certificate during the registration process you will not receive a username, but be instructed to login using your UNIPASS. 

For access enquiries please call our Registrations team on 0370 050 0274, option 2.

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