Unipass (Digital certificate)

Make access to our Adviser Centre and our secure services simpler and easy by registering your UNIPASS certificate.

What is it?

Your UNIPASS certificate uniquely identifies you and allows access to our secure services without the need to login with your username and password each time you visit our site. It is like a digital identity card that is used widely across the Financial Services industry. 

What are the benefits of using UNIPASS?

  • You don't have to remember different usernames and passwords to do business with us and other financial services companies. One UNIPASS certificate is all you need to access websites and services across the financial industry.
  • It’s free to apply and use and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

How do I get one?

You can apply for a certificate on the UNIPASS web site.

  • Your certificate will last for one year, after that time you will be reminded to renew your certificate.

What next?

If you don’t have a username or password for Adviser Centre, you'll need to register with us as a new user and you can associate your certificate at the same time.

If you've already got a username and password for Adviser Centre, you can register your UNIPASS certificate with us here. This will take you through a short process to make sure that we recognise your certificate. 

That’s it! Once you’ve registered your certificate with us you will be able to login without a username and password.  

Don’t forget

  • If you need to revoke your certificate as a result of a change of job or if your computer is stolen, you'll need to contact UNIPASS.
  • If you're having problems with logging into Adviser Centre with your certificate or registering it with us, please contact the Internet Helpdesk on 0370 050 0274.
  • You must use the laptop or PC your UNIPASS is stored on to login to the Adviser Centre once you’ve registered with us.