Managing your access to adviser centre

Once you’ve been set up with access to Adviser Centre, find out more about managing your website access.

Password enquiries:

If you need to reset your password, please call our Registrations team on 0370 050 0274, select option 2. 

Change access levels:

If you need to change the level of your access, please call our Registrations team on 0370 050 0274, option 2. 

Add UNIPASS to your user account:

If you associate your UNIPASS certificate to your user account you will not need to use a username and password when you login.

If you've already got a username and password for Adviser Centre, you can register your UNIPASS certificate here. This will take you through a short process to make sure that we recognise your certificate. 

That’s it! Once you’ve registered your certificate with us you'll be able to login without a user name and password. 

Remember, when you login to Adviser Centre again you need to use the laptop or PC where your UNIPASS is stored.