Evolving with your feedback…

On our quest to remove a proportion of your day that’s spent duplicating effort, we’re not only listening to your invaluable feedback, we’re taking it on board and continuously evolving.

Our latest release included the following improvements:

  • More intuitive criteria checks - we now take into account where lenders may consider individual parts of the criteria but when combined this can change the lenders attitude towards the case.
  • Improvements to bonus, commission and overtime – We’ve added more fields to collect a previous period of income, providing greater flexibility to match lenders attitude to the income and produce a more accurate affordability amount. 
  • Credit cards to be repaid – Additional questions have been added to determine if any credit card balances will be repaid before or after completion. Some lenders take a percentage of this to determine a future affordability to amount.
  • SmartrCriteria update – Following several enquiries on lenders attitude to Mortgage Prisoners and NHS workers, we have added both in SmartrCriteria. 

We won’t be stopping there!

Currently in development and coming soon…

Director/shareholder changes – We’ll be adapting our calculator to allow a net profit share for all directors. This will allow us to match the lenders criteria more accurately and give the best fit for affordability.

Addition of interest only intuitive checks

First time buyer options to be added to our calculator

Lender Updates

  • Total number of lenders

  • Percentage of mortgage club residential lending volumes

  • Lenders added since launch

Hints and Tips

  1. Multiple incomes - How it works!

    With most lender online calculators only allowing up to two applicants affordability for a property, even if they accept more, we thought we would explain how SmartrFit works differently!

    SmartrFit provides the ability for you to check affordability for up to four applicants.

    How do we do this?

    With our technology holding affordability information for many lenders, SmartrFit has the ability to check a lenders stance on multiple applicants’ income.

    If a lender will accept four applicants but only two incomes, SmartrFit will automatically take the two highest incomes and run the affordability on those figures, ensuring you get the maximum affordability for the application.

How to access SmartrFit

SmartrFit sits within ClubHub so if you're already a member you can log-in to access it straight away.

Need to register? For this you will need a Legal and General Live agency number.

1. Visit the Club Hub and click Register

2. Complete the form including your email address and 7 digit agency number

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address, the link within the email will only be valid for 24 hours.

If you don't have a Legal & General agency number or have any questions about registering, you can visit our How to join page or if you'd prefer please contact Mortgage Club Support Services

Access SmartrFit via Club Hub

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