At Legal & General, we’re on a mission to help advisers get back to what you do best – advising. That's why we've developed and offer SmartrFit for free to all advisers.


What is SmartrFit?

A free to use mortgage research tool, SmartrFit brings together criteria, an affordability calculator, and products, into one easy-to-use system.

Using SmartrFit helps you identify the most appropriate lender for your client quickly, based on their individual circumstances.

In just one search you can confidently tell your clients the maximum amount they can borrow, likely interest rate and monthly payment. Next, they’ll be empowered to look for their new property in the know.

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How can I access SmartrFit?

Legal & General provides free access to all advisers. All you need to get started is a Legal & General agency number. You’ll find this on your statements if you sell our protection or later life products, or if you’re a Legal & General Mortgage Club member.

Once you have your agency number, simply register for ClubHub, log in and start using our tools from the main menu bar.

Our latest feature

We’re delighted to now offer SmartrFit user the ability to produce ESIS and Evidence of Research documents from within Products for residential mortgages.

We’ve worked closely with lenders and advisers to make sure the documents are not only compliant but user friendly to produce.

With access to nearly 60 residential lenders and more coming very soon, including Buy-to-Let, this new feature aims to make SmartrFit a one stop shop for your mortgage research.

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