30 November 2021

SmartrFit Case Study: From one hour to five minutes

How working ‘Smartr’ cut down an adviser’s research time in a buoyant housing market

How does SmartFit make an adviser’s work easier? The advantages of a new tool, product or system are often best described by a professional who uses it. Gareth Tucker, a Mortgage and Protection Adviser from Pure Property Finance, overcame one of his biggest challenges when serving customers during a buoyant housing market.

A competitive housing market in South Wales where Gareth works has left him inundated with enquiries from potential clients. The most frequent question is relating to the maximum amount clients can borrow. Gareth shares with us how adopting SmartrFit has not only allowed him to cut down his research time, but also help more clients.

The Challenge

The wake of the pandemic created conditions that meant the housing market became buoyant in an unprecedented way. Staying in our homes long term resulted in many people reassessing their space, while lockdowns provided the opportunity to save money - as did a stamp duty incentive.

Record demand for housing has not only driven up house prices but created a very competitive market. Properties are not only selling fast but driving bidding wars with offers way over the asking price.

For mortgage and protection adviser Gareth Tucker, this has resulted in an increasing amount of inbound leads asking, “What’s the maximum amount I can borrow?” In normal market conditions this would be a welcome lead. However, the increase in enquiries in an already a busy time, coupled with the research required to provide every lead with their answer has left Gareth almost dreading new custom. 

Gareth explains, “Buying a house has never been more competitive and as a result, clients are having to go in confidently knowing the absolute maximum they can borrow and be fully informed to allow them to outbid the opposition.”

“In normal market conditions, being asked “How much can I borrow?” would have been a welcomed lead, however, increased demand and the need to make sure clients are well informed has turned it into a bit of a nightmare question.”

The Solution

Prior to working with Legal & General Mortgage Club, Gareth would spend up to an hour per lead researching various lender websites, reinputting his client’s details into their calculators to establish how much they could borrow.  During a phone call with Sophie Holloman, one of the Club’s Telephone Relationship Managers, Sophie introduced Gareth to SmartrFit. Legal and General’s research tool combines both affordability and criteria.  Gareth goes on to explain, “I took a call from Sophie who provided me with a demo of SmartrFit and explained it was available for free. It seemed like a great tool, so I decided to give it a go and I haven’t looked back.

“I simply enter my client information once and it does the searching for me, using a wide range of lenders. I can easily see not only how much they can borrow, but also roughly how much lending at the maximum amount will cost them each month, plus likely lenders based on their individual situation.”

The Result

Gareth tells us, “SmartrFit is a godsend. A potential client asking me how much I can borrow is no longer a nightmare. What used to take me one hour, now takes me five minutes.

“I’m not only able to help my client enter that bidding war fully informed and with confidence, I can actually help more customers too with the additional time I’ve saved on research.” 

Since using SmartrFit, Gareth has decided to use Legal & General as his preferred Mortgage Club. He’s also working with us to find other ways to streamline and digitise his business. 

Gareth adds “I used to think some of the digital tools out there were created to replace me. Now I can totally see how they’re here to help me do my job more effectively and serve more customers. SmartrFit is brilliant - I love it!”


About SmartrFit

Developed by Legal & General and available for free, SmartrFit has been designed to provide mortgage advisers with accurate and in-depth results for their clients seeking a mortgage quickly.

Combining criteria, affordability and product examples, advisers can swiftly find the info that each client needs. Upon completing one easy to use form, results will show maximum borrowing amount, lender matches and likely products available, including monthly costs and rates.

With SmartrFit, mortgage advisers benefit from not only cutting down their research time but improving the quality of service they provide their client, delivering more accurate and in-depth information.

To talk about how SmartrFit can help your business with a member of our friendly team, please contact us on:


0345 0260092 - lines are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm. We may record and monitor calls. Call charges may vary.