Time is of the essence when finding accurate results for your mortgage clients. With the SmartrFit research tool, you can search affordability, criteria from our SmartrCriteria tool and products all in one place. It's less time researching, and more time for you.

SmartrFit can save you a month of research time each year. That’s time better spent

In December 2021, we asked Gusto Research to find out how much time SmartrFit users saved. 

Our research discovered that on average, SmartrFit users:


41 minutes per day

Saved 41 minutes of research time per case

1 case per day

Researched 1 case per day

3.5 hours per week

Saved 3.5 hours per week - equivalent to 19.5 working days a year*

*Assuming an average of 40 working weeks in a year, 5-day week, 7-hour day

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What SmartrFit users say

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How a mortgage protection adviser cut research time by 55 minutes

Here’s how Gareth Tucker, Mortgage and Protection Adviser from Pure Property Finance, used SmartrFit to cut his research time in a buoyant housing market from 1 hour to just 5 minutes.

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