United Trust Bank

United Trust Bank’s range of specialised mortgage products offers individual underwriting expertise and a focus on exemplary service.

Our highly skilled and experienced specialised mortgage team offers innovative lending products through the intermediary market. Brokers and customers alike can be assured that we will make quick, consistent and common sense underwriting decisions based on expert knowledge and do everything we can to ensure that each application we accept proceeds to a successful completion. Once the loan has completed, our customer service team will be on hand to assist the borrower throughout the life of the loan with any issues or queries.

We lend on a variety of property types for a wide range of purposes including home improvement, car purchase, and consolidation of debt, and we consider employed, self-employed and pension incomes. Each case is individually underwritten with a full credit history and affordability assessment taken into account. However, we do not use credit scoring as the basis for a lending decision.

Contact us on 020 7031 1552 or secondcharges@utbank.co.uk

Lending Criteria
Our Loans can be used for any legal purpose, subject to underwriting.

All loans are secured on UK residential property. The property must be of mortgagable condition at completion of the loan.

Loan Terms
We offer loans on a lifetime Bank of England (BoE) tracker basis, or 5 year fixed rate reverting to a Bank of England (BoE) tracker after the fixed period.

Minimum Term 3 years

Maximum Term 25 years

Minimum Loan Amount £10,000

Maximum Loan Amount £250,000

All our loans must be on a capital and interest repayment basis.