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CSC Loans are an award winning Master broker whose management team share over 50 years experience in second charges:

  • 2016 Shawbrook Bank – Best Converter of Business
  • 2016 Mortgage Strategy – Best secured Loan Broker
  • 2016 Loantalk – Best Medium Sized Broker
  • 2015 Mortgage Strategy – Best Secured Loan Broker
  • 2015 Shawbrook Bank – Best Converter of Business
  • 2015 Loantalk – Service Excellence

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Please call 0800 0094190 or email

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Why choose us?

The Second Charge Mortgage The Remortgage 
Clients with low rate, fixed and tracker mortgages clients

Client can keep current attractive rate and raise funds 
Unlikely to be able to remortgage to lower or equivalent rate than current first mortgage
Clients with ERC's on first mortgage
Client can keep existing mortgage to avoid ERCs and raise funds Client may incur early repayment charges with a remortgage
Clients with an interest only mortgage
Client can raise funds while keeping their interest-only mortgage in place Few high street lenders usually consider offering an interest-only remortgage
Loan purposes
Flexibility with loan purposes - paying a tax bill, business expansion, lease extension, home improvements for example Generally a less flexible lending criteria is in place for remortgages
Client is self-employed/has projected income
Some lenders will work to projected income for the current year Lenders will normally work to proven figures only
Client has been self-employed for 6 months or less
Available for clients with 6 months of self-employment history 2 years of accounts typically required to be considered
Considered up to 6x income Normally restricted to 4.5x income
Client with adverse credit
Majority of lenders ignore adverse credit more than 12 months old. Some lenders do not credit score applications  Tend to look back beyond 12 months and any adverse credit is taken into account
Adding a partner for income purposes
If a partner has moved into the security property since purchase, they too can be party to the loan. Adding them to the application means we can include their income when assessing affordability. The property and first mortgage would remain in the name of the person that originally bought the property The deal would need to be rewritten with both partners


Why CSC Loans?

  • Flexibility: Offering two processes depending on your Scope of Service

      PACKAGED – You advise, CSC will package.

      You receive 100% of lender proc. fee plus 100% of any advice fee               

       ADVISED – CSC advise, CSC package.

       You receive 50% of packager fee and 50% of proc. fee less £250

  • High conversion rate 1/1/17 – 30/4/17 – 73% of cases issued went to completion
  • Free second charge sourcing available
  • Comprehensive panel – catering for all scenarios residential,
  • BTL, prime, near prime
  • Excellent lender relationships – referrals sent to decision makers
  • Trained and knowledgeable – All new business and processing staff are CeMAP qualified
  • CSC to pay processing costs:

Customers are given the choice to pay the fees upfront or have them added to the loan. Where your customer has elected to add the fees to the loan, CSC Loans will pay for all the processing costs which are then reimbursed by the lender to CSC Loans on completion.

  • Transparent fee structure starting at £995. 

Contact us: Please call 0800 0094190 or email

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2nd Charge Products

  • Residential up to 95%
  • BTL up to 85%
  • Residential rates from 3.73%
  • BTL rates from 4.49%
  • Variable, tracker and fixed rate (2, 3, 4 and 5 year) products available
  • Interest only
  • Semi-commercial