Making Mortgages Simply Better

We’ve been partnering with advisers for 25 years, so we’re recognising the club we’ve built together and the benefits of being a member.

Perhaps now is the time, more than ever, to work with the right partner for your business.

How are we making mortgages simply better?

1. With our drive to make a difference

Legal & General shape all aspects of the housing market, from building new homes, to investing in the urban regeneration of cities and towns across the UK. Our Inclusive Capitalism strategy and thought leadership helps underpin everything we do at the Mortgage Club, meaning we’re completely invested in the Mortgage Market and in you, the adviser.

2. With our digital tools and transformation

We’re on a digital transformation journey, defining how technology can make your job easier. ClubHub is your Mortgage Club members only portal. It gives you access to members only content, the ability to claim your procurement fee and view your history, plus access to SmartrCriteria, our digital criteria sourcing tool that we’re making completely free for 2020.

3. With connections to the right people at the right time

In Mortgage Club, you can access support to solve all sorts of mortgage related queries. It’s crucial to us that we listen to advisers and respond to your needs. For instance, our SmartrRefer facility allows you to confidently refer your client onto a master broker or lender, when they need support outside of your sector or specialism. SmartrValuation and SmartrSurvey are just a few of the other ways you can access specialist help within the Legal & General Group.

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4. With industry leading Payment in Advance

We are the ONLY mortgage club that will provide Payment in Advance. In times of economic uncertainty, we understand that managing your cash flow becomes even more important. Our payment in advance function puts you in control and ensures you get hold of your income faster.

5. With our extensive events programme

Our events programme is designed to help educate, inform, and provide valuable networking and CPD opportunities. While our face to face events programme is currently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re developing digital alternatives to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest market information and lender insight.

6. With our marketing toolkits

The Mortgage Club Marketing Toolkits give you resources to help you reach out to your clients. Whether you’re looking for fresh social media posts, or to renew your email content, you can simply copy and paste the words and images we’ve prepared for you. Because we regularly add to these toolkits, they can be an ongoing source of help, to use when you need them.

Member Benefits: Information Booklet and Key Facts

Check out our booklet and infographic for information on the benefits available to Mortage Club members.