Designed to help find solutions to difficult mortgage cases.

How has SmartrCriteria grown

  • Over 400,000 criteria outcomes from over 90 lenders
  • Faster results, more time saved
  • Streamlined, redesigned user experience
  • Lenders now update their criteria directly, meaning increased accuracy and lender verification
  • Greater number of lenders offering specialist mortgages for niche client situations
  • Free until the end of 2020


The benefits

  • Access to mainstream and niche lender criteria
  • Hundreds of thousands of criteria outcomes
  • Easy to view outcome sheet with detailed lender information

SmartrCriteria enables you to gauge whether a lender will look at your customer's case, giving you a smarter way to find the right mortgage for your customers.

The journey so far

We made so many improvements to SmartrCriteria in 2019, thanks to your feedback:

  • Improved search facilities
  • Provided more information on lenders
  • Created a cleaner, simpler system
  • Improved the user journey

But we're not stopping there! We have so much more in store for 2020.

How to register for SmartrCriteria

You can access SmartrCriteria via our new Club Hub Broker area.

1. Visit the Club Hub and click Register

2. Complete the form including your email address and 7 digit agency number

If you have any questions or are having trouble registering, please contact Mortgage Club Support Services