How has SmartrCriteria grown?

  • Over 400,000 criteria outcomes from over 90 lenders
  • Faster results, more time saved
  • Streamlined, redesigned user experience
  • Lenders now update their criteria directly, meaning increased accuracy and lender verification
  • Greater number of lenders offering specialist mortgages for niche client situations
  • Free until the end of 2020
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The benefits

  • Access to mainstream and niche lender criteria
  • Hundreds of thousands of criteria outcomes
  • Easy to view outcome sheet with detailed lender information

SmartrCriteria enables you to gauge whether a lender will look at your customer's case, giving you a smarter way to find the right mortgage for your customers.

The journey so far

We made so many improvements to SmartrCriteria in 2019, thanks to your feedback:

  • Improved search facilities
  • Provided more¬†information on lenders
  • Created a cleaner, simpler system
  • Improved the user journey

But we're not stopping there! We have so much more in store for 2020.