More 2 Life

more 2 life provides innovative retirement lending solutions for the over 55s. We are proud to be working with L&G Mortgage Club, to give your clients access to our flexible lifetime mortgages, and to help your customers release cash from their homes so that they can achieve the retirement that they deserve.

We are a provider with a strong history of delivering award-winning customer service, and developing plans with a wide range of customer needs at heart.

Why more 2 life?

Since more 2 life opened its doors back in 2008, we have cemented our name as an innovator in the retirement lending market, and are now one of the largest lifetime mortgage lenders in the UK. Our pioneering product development team are always looking for the next criteria change, the next feature, or the next plan that will help your clients achieve the most suitable financial outcome possible.

more 2 life offer flexible loans from just 5% of your clients’ property value, all the way up to 55%.

Our Products

Whether your clients are looking to release the maximum amount possible, or are looking for a competitive interest rate, want to take a one-off lump sum, or are looking for a series of payments, we may have the plan for them.

Our lifetime mortgages offer different flexible features as standard in order to help deliver peace of mind in later life, including:

  • Guaranteed Inheritance Feature – this could protect a percentage of your client’s future house value for loved ones
  • Partial capital repayments – depending on which plan your clients take, they could repay up to 12% of their initial loan each year, penalty-free
  • Early repayment charge exemptions
    • Downsizing early repayment charge exemption – this ensures that if your client downsizes after 5 years from when their loan completes, they could repay their loan penalty-free if the new property does not meet our lending criteria at the time
    • in joint cases, the remaining client can repay their loan penalty-free within 3 years of the death or admission into long-term care of the first client
  • Fixed ERCs – if applicable, your customer will always know how much it would cost them to repay their loan

Our promise

The advisers we work with and your clients are at the heart of all we do.

We fully appreciate that most of your time is devoted to working closely with your customers, helping them obtain a better financial outcome in later life.

This is why we have a wealth of resources to aid professional development and to keep you updated on market progress - including our fully CII accredited webinars – so that you can focus as much energy on your clients as possible.

We will also provide your clients with flexible, innovative and modern borrowing solutions, and the best possible service, as behind our success is a dedicated team of knowledgeable equity release experts.

We work exclusively with qualified equity release advisers and offer you and your clients

  • Excellent customer service
  • Dedicated support
  • A fast online portal, with no paperwork necessary – KFIs have been created in less than 1 minute, applications in under 5 minutes, and an application has gone to offer in 4 hours and 41 minutes!
  • A glowing awards cabinet –we have won 5 5* FASAs in a row

We would love to hear from you!

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