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Who we are

Generation Home is a new residential mortgage lender on a mission to transform the housing market. 

We’re able to help first-time buyers, home movers and those looking to remortgage.

We have modern criteria and affordability solutions for boosting customers’ borrowing power and deposit.

What we do

Deposit boosters help with the deposit in return for a financial interest in the property, the smart alternative to gifting.

Income boosters are immediate family members that help owners borrow more by adding their income to the mortgage. It’s our spin on Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgages. They can contribute to the monthly payments, building their own stake in the property and further boosting what owners can borrow, or be on standby without making payments.

Our Home Agreement enables dynamic ownership. It provides robust legal protection to each borrower through their mortgage term. It’s a real-time alterative to a traditional Deed of Trust and unique to Generation Home.

Criteria highlights:

  • 5x income multiples on applications up to 90% LTV
  • 1 year of self-employed accounts
  • Max age 85 and the ability to extend term by releasing income boosters early
  • Family loans (“Deposit Boost”), secured against the property, can be up to 100% of the customer’s deposit
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