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Mortgages from Masthaven 

About Masthaven

Masthaven is an intermediary only lender, and one of the UK’s newest challenger banks, with a mission to help more of your customers find an affordable mortgage solution. We launched as a retail bank in 2016 but we’re not new to lending with a track record providing, short term bridging options, development finance and secured lending since 2004.  

Our products are designed to be flexible, simple and not reliant on a credit score for customers who are underserved by mainstream lenders. 

Customers we love to help

  • Any customer looking for an alternative to high street lenders
  • Self-employed – straightforward or complex
  • Contractors / short work history
  • Customers buying new build property
  • Remortgage for business, tax bill, deposit for buy to let or to help family
  • First time Buyers - unlimited gifted deposit / gifted equity
  • Customers borrowing into retirement
  • Credit hiccups - we do not credit score

First Charge Mortgage Highlights

Residential Products:

  • 3 Year Fixed rates from 3.14%
  • 5 Year Fixed rates from 3.44%
  • 2 Year Discount rates from 2.94%
  • Lifetime tracker rates from 3.34%

Buy to Let Products:

  • 2 Year Discount rates 3.23%
  • 2 Year Fixed rates from 3.33%
  • 5 Year Fixed rates from 3.43%

Key product features

  • Minimum loan £40,000
  • Maximum loan £1,000,000 (£600,000 over 70% LTV BTL)
  • Maximum loan to value 80% for Residential, 75% BTL
  • Interest only / part and part up to 60% LTV
  • Minimum income £12,500 for Residential, £20,000 BTL
  • No age limit on application (Referral if over 70 - Max age 85 at term)
  • England, Wales and Mainland Scotland
  • Maximum term 35 years

Second Charge Mortgage Highlights

Residential Products

  • Lifetime Tracker rates from 3.84%
  • 2 Year Fixed rates from 4.24%
  • 5 Year Fixed rates from 4.64%

Buy to Let Products

  • 2 Year Discount rates from 4.79%
  • Lifetime Tracker rates from 4.99%
  • 2 Year Fixed rates from 5.59%
  • 5 Year Fixed rates from 5.99%

Key product features

  • Minimum loan £10,000
  • Maximum loan £750,000 Residential, £300,000 BTL
  • Maximum loan to value 75%
  • Minimum income £12,500
  • Interest cover ratio from 125%
  • Max number of mortgaged properties 8 including Masthaven
  • No age limit on application (maximum age 85 years at term of product)
  • England, Wales & Scotland
  • Maximum term 35 years

Bridging and Development Finance

Take a look at our products here.

What you can expect from us 

  • Personal underwriting means more flexibility on your customer’s financial situation.
  • Comprehensive support through our team of hand-selected Business Development Managers.
  • Dedicated Broker Helpdesk to assist at any stage of an application.
  • Online Mortgage Portal – DIP in 10 minutes and offers a standalone affordability calculator, the ability to submit an AIP or Full Mortgage Application, carry out a KFI, upload documents and track existing cases. 

Next steps

Call our Broker Support Team if you’ve any questions or case enquires on 020 7036 2020.  If you haven’t already, you can register to place business online today.


Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
Second Charge Loans 1.100% 1.000%
First Charge Lending 0.550% 0.500%
Bridging and Development Finance 1.500% 1.300%