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How to register with this lender as a new user

To access the Metro Bank Mortgage Portal, please use the links below , click on the register/sign in tab and follow the simple instructions.

To initially register to use The Mortgage Portal

To login in to The Mortgage Portal after registration

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

As part of the registration process Legal & General Mortgage Club will be automatically added as a payment route.

When you submit your application please select ‘Legal & General Mortgage Club’ as the payment route from the options provided.

How to contact this lender

For more details on their latest products, lending criteria or a potential specific application, please call their dedicated Broker Helpdesk on 0203 427 1019

Who are Metro Bank

Metro Bank’s aim is simply to revolutionise banking by creating fans not customers. With a national Business Development Manager presence, we are building a strong intermediary mortgage business through a broad proposition that encompasses all aspects of the Prime Residential and Buy-to-Let sectors. We have a strong deposit base, helping us to continue lending with confidence.

What this means for intermediaries…

  • Personal underwriting means more flexibility on your customer’s financial situation.
  • Comprehensive support through our team of hand-selected Business Development Managers and Business Development Consultants.
  • Dedicated Broker Helpdesk to assist at any stage of an application.
  • Online Mortgage Portal offers a standalone affordability calculator, the ability to submit an AIP or Full Mortgage Application, carry out a KFI, upload documents and track existing cases and new Rate Switching Portal.
  • Informative Intermediary website

Why choose Metro Bank for a Mortgage

  • Comprehensive Residential and Buy-to-Let ranges offering very attractive fixed 2, 3 and 5 year fixed and tracker rate mortgages for new and existing customers
  • Remortgage packages available for both Residential and Buy to let cases (free valuation and legals): Residential and BTL - property values up to £2m
  • Common sense approach to lending
  • Joint borrower, sole proprietoravailable on residential and buy to let
  • Maximum of four applicants and use up to all 4 incomes, 3rd and 4th applicants are accepted if they are close family relatives.
  • 20% annual overpayment allowed (of the initial amount borrowed) on Residential mortgages (10% for Buy to Let)
  • Annual (rather than monthly) capital repayment option available for employed individuals whose remuneration includes a significant proportion of annual bonus, subject to a track record of cash bonus payments with the existing employer.
  • Interest only available up to 75% LTV with a credible and provable repayment strategy in place from the outset
  • Downsizing is available Saleof Main Property: accepted on a minimum £600,000 property value. Refer to policy for further details
  • Contract Workers supported – no restriction in industry or contact amount
  • Buy-to-Let- No minimum income (subject to rental void plausibility checks); Maximum age at the end of the term is 80 years; Up to 4 applicants on an application considered of which the
  • 3rd and 4th borrower do not require to be relatives
  • Consumer Buy to let now considered
  • Top slicing from surplus earned income can be used to support Buy-to-Let applications
  • Fully supportive of the PRA Portfolio Buy to Let Changes for landlords with 4 or more properties
  • Large loan specialist – loans considered up to £10m
  • New Build – Residential houses and flats up to 85% LTV; Buy to let houses and flats up to 75% LTV
  • Flexible approach taken to self-employed income
  • Our Mortgage Product Switching Portal - Procuration Fees are paid for rate switch products

For full details on the points detailed above please refer to our “Mortgage Lending Criteria Guide

Local Business Development Managers can:

  • Discuss new mortgage cases and assist on lending policy
  • Pre approve more complex cases with underwriters when needed
  • Help with unusual queries where information is not readily available on the website
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings and/or training for new and existing intermediaries
  • Explore new business opportunities for intermediaries
  • Provide market insight and trends.

Next steps
Get in touch with your Local Business Development Manager – they love to hear from you.

Simply click on to our website where their details will be located – or alternatively, contact the Broker Helpdesk on 0203 427 1019

Submitting an application

Doing business with Metro Bank is easy

To access the Metro Bank Mortgage Portal, please use the following links below and then click on the register/sign in tab and then follow the simple instructions:

To register to use The Mortgage Portal -

To login in to The Mortgage Portal at any time after registration -

As part of the registration process the Club/Network you are assigned to will be added as a payment route. When you submit your application please select ‘the Club/Network you are assigned to’ as the payment route from the options provided.

Once registered you’ll be able to:

  • Check affordability on the calculator
  • Carry out an AIP
  • Submit a Full Mortgage Application
  • Upload documents
  • Live case tracking
  • Produce a KFI
  • Switch a rate for an existing customer
Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
Residential 0.400% (max £20,000) 0.380% (max £20,000)
Buy to Let 0.430% (max £20,000) 0.410% (max £20,000)
Rate Switch - Residential 0.300% 0.285%
Rate Switch - Buy to Let 0.300% 0.285%