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Pepper Money is a multi-award-winning specialist lender offering Residential and Buy to Let mortgages exclusively through intermediaries.

We believe in challenging the accepted. That’s why we don’t credit score to make decisions, nor to determine pricing. Instead, our team of skilled, mandated underwriters review each case on its own merits.

If you’ve got a client who’s recently self-employed, has credit blips, a complex income, young credit history or previous financial difficulties, speak to Pepper – we’re interested.

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Highlights of our flexible products and wide ranging criteria:

  • Range of 5 Year Fixed Rates – with affordability calculated at the pay rate, for Residential and Buy to Let
  • CCJs and Defaults – don’t need to be satisfied and we have no ££ value limit, can be registered as recently as 7 months ago
  • Capital Raising – including debt consolidation up to our maximum LTVs for most legal purposes
  • Self-Employed – we use the latest year’s income to calculate affordability for self-employed applicants.
  • Day Rate Contractors – We look at income based on the contractors' daily rate, whether they are self-employed, operate by a limited company or use an umbrella company. 
  • Let to Buy – We do Let to Buy with no additional rules. We’ll do the Residential. We’ll do the Buy to Let. We’ll do both – right up to our maximum LTVs
  • Debt Management Plans (DMP) – Product range for those in an active DMP or one satisfied in the last 12 months (Residential)
  • Interest Only – available on all products up to 60% LTV for purchases only, sale of main residence acceptable repayment with no minimum equity requirement
  • Strong Approach to Affordability – 100% of overtime, shift allowance or bonus paid every week or month, flexibility around non-court ordered maintenance and many regular benefits
  • Free Legals – free standard legals on all remortages, provided by a reputable firm of solicitors
  • Residential Minimum Income £18k – our minimum income per residential application and this can be joint income

But it doesn’t end there…

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