How to register with this lender as a new user

Visit Platform’s Intermediary website and complete the online registration form.

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

When submitting an application select Legal & General.  If this option doesn’t show email the broker support team to ask for this to added.

How to contact this lender

To find out more about Platform call the Customer Care Team on 0345 070 1999 or visit their website.

We are committed to listening to, and providing solutions to intermediaries. So do get in touch and let us know your thoughts and suggestions about how we can help you to help your clients. Email us at


Platform is the intermediary mortgage lender of The Co-operative Bank, offering a portfolio of products across both Mainstream Residential and Buy to Let.

Platform are committed to the intermediary market, with Legal & General Mortgage Club currently having the greatest level of access to their portfolio of products.

They recognise the value of working closely with Legal & General Mortgage Club. This is shown by Platform’s collaborative approach to launching tailored exclusive products directly through us.

At Platform they know what’s important to you, they’ll:

  • always give you 2 days’ notice when withdrawing their products
  • never cross sell to your customers’
  • release your procuration fee within 10 working days of completion


Many of Platform’s products come with all of the following incentives:

  • Free valuation for purchases and remortgages using their recommended surveyors
  • Free Standard Legals for remortgages using their recommended solicitors
  • Cashback available on selected products


Platform deliver high levels of service, including a call from one of our underwriters within 48-hours of the submission of an application.

To submit your documents faster, use their simple Click Application tool where Platform can review them quicker.

The user-friendly interface means no more paper form filling and saves you time by pre-populating data to reduce typing. It also allows secure online payments and provides an in-built affordability calculator

The system updates you about key milestones throughout the application including:

  • Allocation
  • Underwritten
  • Valuation instructed
  • Valuation received
  • Offered
  • Completion update
  • Funds released


For more information visit or call 0345 600 7100.

Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
Mainstream Retention0.300%0.280%
Buy to Let Retention0.300%0.280%
Mainstream0.400% (max £4000)0.370% (max £4000)
Buy to Let0.480% (max £1,680)0.430% (max £1,680)
Premier Buy to Let/Let to Buy0.480% (max £2,400)0.430% (max £2,400)