1. We understand that cash flow is key to your business. Here at Legal & General Mortgage Club, we’re here to help make the process of submitting business as straightforward as possible and are keen to help you ensure that there is no delay in you receiving your procuration fee payments.

    Take a look at our checklist of top tips to make sure that you get paid on time.

  1. Is your business or agency registered?

    Completing the registration process prior to submitting business will avoid delays in payments.

    When registering with a new lender, you may need to nominate Legal & General Mortgage Club as one of your payment route options.  Likewise, when submitting a mortgage application, ensure you select Legal & General Mortgage Club as the payment route.

  2. Make your submission online

    Payments can be processed quicker and advanced with an online submission allowing you to receive your monies prior to completion. Input your Legal & General Agency Number, client and lender details in the link provided. Payment will be shown on the next available statement.

    Claim your fees

  3. Select the correct product

    Be sure to select Legal & General Mortgage Club as your payment route. Choose the correct product on the lender website. Incorrect selection of products will result in additional administrative work and can lead to a delay in you receiving payment

  4. Check your mortgage account numbers

    Ensure that the Mortgage Account Number (MAN) is correct to avoid any delay in the processing of payments.

  1. Do you have a question?

    For queries relating to agency payments, contact a member of our helpful team:

    Email: agencyprocfee.enquiries@landg.com | Telephone: 0370 900 5010