The Tenant

More and more people are renting instead of buying. For some they simply can’t afford the deposit and for others it may be cheaper or a more flexible option that simply suits their lifestyle. 

When dealing with landlords you could ask for an introduction to their tenants so you could potentially talk to them about;

  • Content insurance
  • Protecting their lifestyle
  • Saving for a deposit, or
  • Lender schemes for first time buyers

Alternatively, you could establish a relationship with local letting agencies and encourage them to recommend your services to their customer. It’s all too easy for tenants to overlook the risks they face.

Tenants need to protect their lifestyles and incomes as much as homeowners. As a professional adviser you’re the one who can explain the risks and assess the level of cover they could benefit from. Unexpected events can have a devastating financial effect on people’s lives – don’t let it happen to your customers.

At Legal & General we’ve everything you need to offer a full end-to-end service.