Stay Connected

We have developed a new Marketing toolkit to help you stay connected with your clients and to reach potential new clients.

Inside this toolkit you will find a suite of social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and some email copy to use when emailing your existing clients base and prospective clients.

These assets are generic in nature and aren’t intended to look like they came from Legal & General so please feel free to add your own personality and tone of voice when using them. We have provided free imagery for you to use to bring the social posts alive, but again please feel free to use your own imagery.

This marketing toolkit has been designed to give you some ideas. We hope you find this toolkit helpful and we will continue to add more assets in the coming weeks.

  stay connected  

Value of Advice

Our Marketing toolkit will give you new ways to speak to your audience, highlighting just how valuable advisers like you are to potential and existing homeowners. 

Click the image below to access a range of social media and e-mail assets, designed to elevate your audience engagement and highlight just how valuable your advice is. For a quick overview on how to use the Marketing toolkit, please view the User Manual.