28 April 2022

Is it you or is it MEE?

By Rachael Hunnisett, National Account & New Build Lead at Skipton Building Society

At Skipton Building Society for Intermediaries our proposition is built on broker feedback; we’ve seen a real shift in that feedback more recently, the BTL market is changing, energy efficient properties are fast becoming the topic of discussion amongst BTL investors, but why? 

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES for short) for domestic private rental properties came into effect in 2018 for new tenancies and all tenancies from 2020.   

A brief description of something that’s not that brief, is as follows: 

  • To comply with MEES, properties let must have an EPC rating of E or above.
  • If the property is below E rated, the landlord must take steps to improve the energy performance immediately - there’s a rather useful table of quick wins on the government website. Link here.
  • Landlords can apply for an exception for a number of reasons, including if the works required to improve property energy performance cost over £3,500.
  • Landlords could be issued with up to a maximum £5,000 fine for letting out a non MEES compliant property, this is issued by the local authority, up to 18 months after a breach. 


It sounds rather simple, however these changes along with further debate over what more is to come as we make our way towards the governments Net Zero Carbon goal by 2050, have landlords considering their housing stock in new ways. 

I think New Build properties with their low maintenance and traditionally A-B EPC ratings, will be seen by investors and landlords alike with fresh vigour. With the annual house price growth up to 10.8% in February 2022, the most growth we have seen since June 2007. The UK housing market could be seen as an attractive investment, there’s still mileage in the old adage ‘as safe as houses’ it would seem! 

As landlords shift their attention to properties with efficient energy performance, New Build flats could seem an obvious front runner here. 

At Skipton on 29th March, we added New Build BTL flats to our BTL lending criteria, lending up to 75% LTV; a policy enhancement which reflects the changing market and our pledge to ‘make things easier for you’. 

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All views are Rachael’s own.


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